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Ratournaedje d'on waibe : ki l' vout fé ?

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Date d' arivêye: 2005-07-04
Messaedjes: 194
Eplaeçmint: Djiblou

PostDate: mie 06 may, 2009 12:37:24    Sudjet: Ratournaedje d'on waibe : ki l' vout fé ? Responde tot citant

Dj' a ieu on emile d' ene soce po rmete leu waibe è walon. Dji l' åreu bén fwait, mins dji n' a nén l' timps. Si gn' a ene sakî ki l' vout fé. Vos n'a voz k' à evoyî on emile à ces djins-là.

Voci l' messaedje :

Dear Sir or Madame!

Thank you for your interest in translation of our webpage into Walloon
language, and herewith helping us to join gardeners around the world of all
fields of interests and all nations.

Please download these files for translation to see what should be

If you do not understand anything you should translate, email me back
unknown text in order to I explain it or retype by other words. For easier
translation in these files are included some www links which you can visit
if you wish to see, how it seems (and will appear) on the website. Your
texts are the same as the webpage

Your translation start with file basic.doc.

File "manual_sarb_en_v_5.1.doc" and "table_v.jan_2008.doc"should be whole
retyped by your translation (do not leave English text there).
In all other files LET original English texts, and new text type bellow this
English one.

If you need discuss anything know or later during translation of our
website, feel free to email us at

Use all speacial letters which are used in these languages (e.g. we have
noticed that the word Malawi is written with a special sign above the "w").

Reward for translation
We suggest reward for translation 60 Euro for 1 translation (1 langauge) in
our products. So you can choose anything (seeds, plants, bulbs etc.) from
our offer (shipping not included - shipping will be free of any charge). I
think it is a good offer if you take into account our low prices of
merchandises. This offer was also accepted by all translators, which are
working with us now. Anyway, we welcome any suggestion from your side.

If you prefer to be paid by money, we can send you money (by Euro land bank
transfer). We can discusse payment.

Letter of Recommendation is provided for good translation.

Let me know, please if you accept our condition, and inform me when we can
estimate your translation. You do not needs to be hurry, we prefer high
quality translation rather than fast but bad translation. Thank you.

Waiting for reply.

Yours sincerely

Ms Eva for KPR Team
KPR - Gardeners Club Slovakia

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